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BIND is a leading Cyber Security firm, offering high-value 360 cyber security services and products worldwide. Our customers rely on us to keep abreast of the most sophisticated cyber-attack methods, assess their assets’ exposure to cyber risks, analyze their vulnerabilities, and test to ensure their assets remain maximally secure.


we think different

Global. Discreet. Effective.

Bindsec leads the front of global cyber and intelligent expertise, offering high-value cybersecurity and intelligent services worldwide. Our customers rely on us to assess the exposure of their assets to cyber risks, analyze their vulnerabilities, and test for the most sophisticated attacks.

Bindsec has assembled the best and the brightest minds in global cyber space, including offensive, defensive and research experts alongside with intelligent special force teams and capabilities.

Our aim is to channel the collective talents of our team in providing actionable business-focused cybersecurity services and intelligent.

Our professionals are worldwide renowned for publishing research papers, vulnerabilities and have authored tools, challenges, testing methodologies, and training programs.

Research and development are important pillars of the company our experts often present at conferences and train at global leading cyber institutes. Bindsec's professional excellence, deep technical capabilities and unique access to cutting edge technologies have enabled us to assist a range of industry leaders in overcoming their security challenges. Working together with intelligence and law enforcement organizations around the world, Bindsec has helped customers to protect their assets.

Under the company workforce more than 120 consultants, experts in various fields of expertise to give the company the ability of binding projects’ scope end to end.


Our consulting services include red and blue teaming, GRC and SCADA/IOT assessments and threat hunting.

managed services

Our managed services (MSSP) include full remote visibility, SIEM/SOC, cyber simulations, Applicationa and supply chain monitoring.

incident response

Our incident response team is ready to engage in any critical mission to ensure any business is, and remains, up and running.



Our team of analysts invests precious time and skills to generate the cyber intel that feeds our entire eco-system.

cyber research

Our cyber researchers and reverse engineers play a significant role in the cyber field, filling any knowledge gaps that crop up along the way.


Our innovation team sums it all up and is constantly in a pursuit of new and emerging technologies designed to promote customer success.


Cyber Solutions for a Myriad of Sectors